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Cenerentola o differenza(1999)

Celessence fashion


En (2004)

Etnica (2004)



Lettre d'Italie AMINA (2005)

Life (2006)

AfroLife (2006) Afrolife 2


Life spotlight(2008) Life spotlight 2(2008)

Life (2008) Life Cover (2008) Life Cover 2(2008)

Teatro dell'angolo

Domingos barto musica

Ngr guardian

The Sunday Observer

Midweek_magazine Midweek magazine part. 2 Midweek magazine part. 3 Midweek magazine part. 4

News spettacolo(2010)

Torinosette (2010)

Life (2010)

Life spotlight(2010) Life spotlight(2010)

The guardian (2010) part. 1 The guardian (2010) part. 2

Africa world (2011)

African News


Mondovi' spettacoli(2012)


Cenicienta o la diferencia

Teatro ninas ninos Teatro ninas ninos 2

Figlie di Ismaele part.1(2000) Figlie di Ismaele part.2(2000) Figlie di Ismaele part.3(2000)

Anima della danza kambulu (2005) Anima della danza kambulu 2

Echo art (2006) Echo art 2

Strangers in the night Strangers in the night 2

Cappuccetti vagabondi Cappuccetti vagabondi 2

Teatro baretti - Radio Africa Teatro baretti - Radio Africa 2

Maison musique 2010

Music Africa 2011

Sanaa ya Africa 2011

Gladstone hotel Gladstone hotel 2

Festival Bana y

9' Toronto Dance Festival

6'Mamaya Toronto 2011

Black History Month 2012

Donne in festa 2012

Maison Musique 2012

1st celebration of Prof.Wangari Maathai 25/09/2012    -->Buy here the ticket

Tribute concert of Miriam Makeba e Wangari Maathai 23/11/2012 Itay  Tribute concert 23/11/2012 Itay (Program of the day)

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