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Sonia Aimy Oduwa the Art Director and Event Cultural Manager



AFRICAN STEP - technique is a blend of African movement (flexible torso and spine, articulated pelvis and isolation of the limbs and polyrhythmic, polycentered, polymovement) integration between tradition and modern flavor, resulting in a powerful mix of the contemporary, the traditional, and the modern. This movement structure focuses on the isolation of individual body parts, in preparation for the execution of a polymovement based structure, which is rooted in African dance and music. Dancers are trained to control all body parts, becoming excellent soloist dancers as well as ensemble dancers.

DRUMMING ENSEMBLE - Reviving Rhythms and Sounds with Sonia Aimy

It is an introduction to African music and rhythm through the sophisticated cross rhythms and polyrhythms in African drumming which are comparable to the Afro-Caribbean music and jazz standard. This interactive technique stimulates an integrative modes of consciousness, facilitating greater insight or creativity. It assists participants in emphasizing self-expression and allowing them through an interactive process to learn how to rebuild the mind, mixing of emotions and rhythms.


African Theatre in most part of Africa has for centuries been an important social phenomenon, playing a central role in religion, ritual and social practices, as an art form and as a vehicle for passing on information and traditions, as well as for expressing ideas, educating and entertaining.


African music is one of the first types that come to mind when you think of world music, especially in a cappella. Whether Gospel, Traditional, Freedom songs or love songs, all of it is celebratory; African choirs and groups have an ability to convey joy and happiness that is unique and beautiful.

These technique is structured to accommodate all participants including beginners, professionals, students, educators, teachers and etc.

Sonia has written her own versions and directed the following plays:

RACISM: a workshop on racism which had as protagonists young immigrants from Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Morocco, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Italians who interestingly represented a play with materials acquired during the workshop. It was produced by "Alouanour Association" of the Local government of Turin in 1998.

WOMEN ON STAGE: a monologue presented by Sonia and African musicians on stage. A narration of women attitudes, perspectives and similarities between African women and western women. It was produced by Afro Festival Association (African theatre) and Fabularasa theatre in 2003.

SANGO: story of an African legend originally from Nigeria. Sango’ the god of thunder, lightening and justice was represented through dance, songs, music, narration by 14 immigrants of African, Asian community and natives artists on stage. Among who were actors, singers, dancers and percussionists. It was produced by the Afro Festival Association (African theatre) and the Regional government of Piedmont in 2004.

Sango part.1  Sango part.2  Sango part.3   Sango part.4

IDIA: a very colourful, energetic and fascinating theatre/dance production which hosted artists from Africa and Italy. It’s a story of the myth IDIA originated from Edo kingdom, Nigeria. During the 1600 century she battled to save the kingdom and the people from the invasion of the Jihad. Her story was narrated through songs, music and dance. It was produced by Afro Festival Association (African theatre) in collaboration with the national theatre of Turin(teatro stabile) and the City of Turin, Turin local government in 2005.In this show there is a dancer "Norma Silvestri" who participated in ""Big Brother 11" (2010-2011) in Italy

Idia part.1  Idia part.2  Idia part.3  Idia part.4  Idia part.5

RHYTHMS & VOICES FROM AFRICA: hosted artists from Nigeria. A show enriched with traditional, modern and contemporary music from Africa, dance and narration of pieces from Wole Soyinka’s books, Alsem Grun and Paolo Pasolini. It was produced in collaboration with the national theatre of Turin (Teatro Stabile) and the City of Turin of the local government of Turin in 2006.

RHYTHMS & MELODY OF MIGRANTS: :had as protagonist’s artists from different artistic background and diverse nationality such as: Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Peru, Cuba, Central Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Romania and Italia. It show-cased the talents of the artists who captured the heart of the audience through their wonderful performance. From this show two ladies from Nigeria and Peru were chosen to feature in the coming production of the African Theatre (AFA) 2008/09. Rhythms and Melody of Migrants was produced by The City of Turin of the Turin local government and African theatre (AFA).